Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I got a new LCD monitor a week ago and I'm slowly getting used to it. 19 inch widescreen, with 1440x900 resolution. Takes some getting used to, especially since it doesn't have the screen real estate of the old dinosaur 21 in. CRT. Of course, it doesn't weigh 45 lbs. either, or take up the _entire_fucking_desk like the old HP. Did I mention is doesn't flicker on and off, or randomly resize it's display like my old monitor has for the last 3 months? ;)
This item is the last thing I need to get straight after switching monitors. My splash screen displays an "out of range" error on boot and shutdown. I don't reboot or turn it off very often so it's a minor annoyance, but still annoying. No numeric listing for 1440x900 in grub that I can find, so I guess I'll just fake it out with 1280x1024 for now?
Would be nice to see boot-up messages, I guess.

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