Saturday, August 16, 2008

Frist Post

First post to Wordpress on the new blog. I finally got tired of running multiple boxes 24x7 at the house, especially in the summertime without central air - the heat in the office was starting to get unbearable, as was the electric bill and the wife-annoyance factor.
I chose Rapid Xen and signed up for a VPS on a Debian server running as a Xen instance in their Chicago facility.
Excellent hosting provider so far (all of two days, so hey, not a lot to base it on). The sign-up was painless, I got an email the next day letting me know the server was up and running and giving me the IP address to go log in and get running.
All it took after that was a quick change in DNS and an apt-get to install the software, and here it is.
I suppose one of these days I'll cutomize the theme a little and make it a bit more "personal".

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