Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Entered the New Age of HDTV Saturday

I finally bit the bullet and bought an HDTV this weekend. I've had a mental block to spending a ton of money to buy something I already have - a television. But the one we have is old, and a little dodgy - prone to going purple around the edge every now and then - as well as a low end model even when I bought it.
So Saturday Jenn and I braved the (thin) crowds of Xmas shoppers, located a 42 inch plasma on sale for less than 600 bucks at Best Buy, and I went back later with the Wagon of Doom and brought it home.

With a side trip to WalMart for good measure to purchase a high-mount stand that will hopefully prevent TV and Two Year Old from becoming too closely acquainted.

3-4 hours of TV Stand assembly, and ten minutes of Actual TV fiddling and I was watching TV! Which I could have done on the old television without the expense or the fiddling.
One of these days I'm gonna catch the tail.

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