Monday, June 22, 2009

Telemarketer Fun

My three year old loves to talk on the phone. Every time the phone rings, I get peppered with requests from her to "Say Hi." So when a telemarketer called, and "Mr. Jenkins, a Government Loan Specialist" asked in a recorded disembodied voice if I would like to talk to someone about an FHA loan, I figured what the heck.
My daughter immediately started: "I wanna say Hi, Daddy. Wanna say Hi!"
Three minutes of "enjoying the music" (yes, they really said that) later, with a sidetrip to the main voicemail system for The Money Store, Chaz answered the phone.
"FHA" (pause) "FHA Department"
Wow, they're really going out of their way to make people think they're with the FHA and are offering "Government Loans."
I asked Chaz to hold a second so he could speak to the Lady of the House.
Evie: "Hi"
Chaz: "Uh, hello"
Evie: "I got Dora shoes. They're pink."
Chaz: "Uh, what?"
I thanked Chaz for his time and hung up the phone before he let loose with any anger-fueled obscenities.
Next time I'm going to surf the voice mail until I find someone that left a "in an emergency, call my cell number" message and call their cell phone.

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